DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “I have read the answer to the question about Johnny Carson’s Spirit Rescue detailing how he was not in the light and needed another Spirit Rescue to help him, and the karmic responsibility of the Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner to see healing/Spirit Rescues through. As a practitioner who is not psychic/intuitive to be able to ‘check’ on results, this concerns me greatly. I have assumed that with the built-in repetition (into perpetuity) of the Protocol, that doing the Protocol once should be enough to accomplish the intended result at some point, according to the parameters of the Protocol itself. Is this not the case?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is the case, and this statement is not in conflict with the teachings you have been given, it is a question of the timing of things. Much of the channeled information that has been on file and prerecorded through channeling interviews, and direct channelings to ask questions, predates the awareness of having repetitive sessions done automatically and the workaround to successfully include all of humanity with each round of healing by doing the work in groups proportional to the energetic reach of the individual practitioners. This creates new possibilities, so earlier recommendations about the size of the client group that can be supported effectively has changed and so it is true that all will be served eventually with each Protocol session.

You can always ask for prioritization of one or more individuals and that will be acted on as well to ensure extra attention is given—this is a human prerogative we cannot indulge in as we must be dispassionate and serve all if we serve one. The difference in the approaches being how much spiritual force and intention is available to do the job and will determine whether there is a small amount of intention spread extremely thinly among billions of people or whether that intention can be applied to a small subgroup to do a complete job and then move on to a new subgroup, and so on, throughout the bulk of humanity.

You need not worry about how you are doing because one way or another, your reach will be sufficient and seen to in the way it is governed and applied to support the healing outreach done on your request. The way the Protocol is applied now, even if your spiritual energy was insufficient to fully deal with one human being adequately, that could still be accomplished through repetitions doing a portion at a time of the available energy being applied to eventually reach all the needs of that person with the work, then moving on to a second individual to be done in increments if that constraint was necessary. So you simply do not need to be worrying about your level of reach and effectiveness, it happens to be quite adequate to do a group of individuals at once already.

Your fears are unwarranted and you can know that you will not fall short because you will be deploying energy and that energy will be used in the highest and best and wisest fashion to accomplish all you seek to have happen. How rapidly that is carried out is of minor concern, what matters is the intention is launched and the divine realm will use it to the fullest to make wonderful things happen. Your karmic obligations are real, but the limitations of the human involved in the enterprise are always a factor in everything that happens or fails to happen. You cannot escape this but it is not the burden you may fear because those doing work on behalf of others are accruing much positive karma and to fall short wanting to work miracles is a minor transgression indeed compared to the many lives being lived with indifference to others and their suffering.