DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA practitioner asks: “I’m fairly new to using the Lightworker Healing Protocol for divine healing, and am optimistic that it is the help we need. My primary focus is youth as I understand that the youth coming in of late (Rainbows, Crystals, etc.) are coming with less karma to clear but are here to do more help for raising up humanity.” Is this true that they have less karma?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is not the case. They will have considerable karma, as is true of each and every human being coming into earth plane in a new incarnation. These are not newly minted human beings. These, for the most part, are old souls and it is because they are highly experienced and advanced in their thinking by virtue of their longevity that they are being brought in at this time under the most difficult of circumstances despite, in most cases, having a lengthy history of being traumatized and thus carrying much negative karma. That does complicate things and make it more difficult to do repair of the manipulations done to them once they are born, but that is no different than any other person, as all are typically experienced hands joining the fray again, and again, and again. Most newcomers are avoiding the scene at this point in particular, because of the ramp-up by the interlopers to become more serious opponents of human progress and survival.