DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)A practitioner asks: “This friend, who is 52 years old, has recently begun to suspect she may be in a Secret Space Program (Mercenary Army Program) and believes there are multiple programs of this type. She has had contacts with extraterrestrials for quite some time, with them showing up in her house on occasion. She has battled in her dream state beings who identified themselves as “Archons” even before she had ever heard that word, and she would often be raped and traumatized by these beings while she slept. Recently while in bed she was approached by two beings, one identifying itself as an “Anunnaki,” and the other as something else, I can’t remember, but they were trying to recruit her to do a mission for them involving Mars. [Name withheld] refused, and they went away. She really wants to know if she is in one of these programs so that she can figure out what to do about it.” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Asked directly in this way, when a person’s welfare is at stake, we must give an honest and complete answer about the truth of things. This woman is a member of the MAP and at risk of future manipulation and much karmic damage as such things have happened to her already. She is wanting to detach herself from the interlopers because there is an inner awareness of disquiet and knowing there is something wrong with the association. That is why she had the dream awareness of an extraterrestrial manipulation that took place, at least attempted, and that was an accurate perception.

No one can be considered a free agent unless they receive divine help with healing and extra divine oversight and protection, given the level of power the extraterrestrials have to manipulate people and to rein them in to make them vulnerable to subjugation and even inflict much punishment if there is resistance. So this is never good to be on their roster. Healing can help to wean them away from involvement with the interlopers who will eventually lose interest in them, and that is the successful achievement possible here given enough time, but the work must be started in earnest through the Lightworker Healing Protocol. The ideal would be to have some subconscious channeling sessions as well to do trauma repair and some of the inner belief adjustment to make her less vulnerable to the manipulations, so that would be the ideal sequence.