DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “Will there be a need for sleep after the ascension? Will we ever experience fatigue again?” What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
There will be no need for sleep nor will there be fatigue in the usual sense, which is connected to the limitations of the body and mind with consciousness being housed in a physical apparatus and needing the brain for its experiencing, which is a physical construct and has a metabolic cycle of waste product build up and depletion of nutrients, the ebb and flow of oxygen, and the need for restoration of energy sources cellularly, and so on. None of those physical limitations will be present for the ascended being. In actuality, rather than stop an activity that becomes a burden, you will be able to multitask, and thus lessen the portion of your being attending to the mundane routine busy work needed for projects, but leave ample energy available for things of greater interest and more in alignment with personal passions and goals. Having enough energy will not be an issue or limitation when you are an ascended being.