DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsA practitioner asks: “Will using a pendulum to request feedback from spirit guides, the higher self, or the Universe actually result in possession by dark spirits who will answer the outreach unless divine protection is requested by a person who is also in divine alignment, so they qualify for protection?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a perceptive and insightful question because the same risks pertain to doing a simple feedback outreach as happens with channeling and reaching out for a more elaborate type of feedback in the way of information and guidance. If a person using a pendulum, or finger strength testing for that matter, is not in divine alignment and standing strong with regard to their own belief in their worthiness to receive divine communication, they may well be misled through having an imposter step in to do the manipulation. So this is why all intuitive practices are considered an equivalent risk because one is reaching out to realms beyond the self, particularly the higher realms—that is what gets noticed by the interlopers, it is not ordinary intuitive sensing but an outreach requesting guidance from on high.

The Extraterrestrial Alliance is literally watching the skies, so to speak, to capture all who do so and corral them by making an inquiry and offering to partner, and this will be a person’s undoing if allowed to proceed further without due attendance to setting this stage with requests for divine protection and oversight of the entire process from beginning to end. This is not hard to do but simply common sense in a world that is treacherous because so many dark beings and consciousness are out and about looking for the inquisitive who have not yet been fully subjugated.

It is much like World War II, in the occupied nations where the Nazis rule with an iron hand, all members of the so-called resistance were vigorously pursued and sought at all times because the dangers to the state were real and these individuals were a great risk to the intruders. This is the world you inhabit currently but do not always appreciate because the interlopers are maintaining such a low profile. That is the genius of their approach—that they can occupy the world and manipulate everything within it below the conscious awareness of the victims, but nonetheless, this is what is happening. In this context, any outreach needs to be protected from scrutiny by the interlopers, it is that simple and it can be simply achieved for the asking to request protection and invisibility from the darkness for any intuitive work, including use of a pendulum desiring divine feedback.