DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsA practitioner brought a group to our attention offering grants for proof of afterlife communication with the allocation of a grand total of up to $1 million in grants. Is this a corrupted organization or a safe and helpful approach to getting broader recognition and support for our mission?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This, indeed, is a group working in earnest towards the stated goals of making a mark, essentially to plant a flag that is unassailable in proving the existence of the afterlife and all that implies. That does not mean, however, that to interact with them will be benign in its consequences. They err inadvertently, acting as a kind of Pied Piper bringing together the would be ally from the many lightworkers wanting to help humanity, but are serving the darkness who are watching all they do, and keeping track of all who engage. So this becomes a trap for the unwary. Even if they can do something of value, and add significantly to evidence gained, the question really is to what extent will that truly be impressive enough to convince the many skeptics, who will typically not even bother to look at such evidence to begin with. In a sense, this is a kind of trap for the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed who have high hopes and a kind of naïve assumption that this is a contest that is winnable, if only given a fair hearing and a chance to show what one can do.

The problem is twofold. One, is that most intuitives are already corrupted and to the extent they are connecting to something from the beyond, meaning beyond themselves, it will be an impostor of some kind, and they have no interest in adding to anyone’s reputation or pedigree and will not come through for them in the ways assumed when put under a microscope, so to speak, to be scrutinized. They are only interested in misguiding others to help someone who is being corrupted become a Pied Piper to attract the naïve and unwary, who will be scrutinized and likely corrupted personally by the darkness, having fallen into the trap. The second difficulty here is that as you know, the divine realm will not prove its existence to anyone, and will not take part in a grand display intended to move the masses. While we see the potential value in doing this, the larger in scale an effort becomes, the more it is our handiwork and our doing than yours, and that is undercutting your role here to be in the lead to carry the ball and to win the day yourselves. And although we can give you support from behind the scenes, we cannot lead you, and thus we cannot lead in the way of putting on a convincing display sufficient to win prizes that would be dazzling to many in doubt, and on the fence about belief in the afterlife. And again, that is something that would be our doing more than yours.

This is why we help you as a channeler personally, to help you keep going to inspire and build your faith in us and give you wisdom you can impart to others that is of value. But it stands alone and cannot be verified as coming from the Almighty. And that is a purposeful constraint. We will give you many lofty teachings, but will not convey a simple verifiable fact obtainable in no other way from the human side of things, because that would constitute proof we are who we say we are and that is not allowed. So as attractive as this opportunity seems to be, we see many more potential negatives, including the possibility of being seen as a failure in the attempt, and thus a second-tier lightworker after all.