DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA practitioner writes: “A distraught friend just committed suicide despite having had several Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions done on his behalf. Can you help us understand why the Protocol work failed to prevent this?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This situation is actually a very straightforward one. This was not a personal failing on the part of anyone. It was not his fault directly. It was not his doing, with an intention to harm anyone else. And it was not the failing of friends and loved ones, because of any inadequacy or shortcoming, in dealing with him and his dilemma. There were many loving thoughts, and the healing requests in particular, were powerful and heartfelt, and normally would make a difference in softening the rough edges enough to help a bad situation become at least tolerable, as things were moving towards more and more healing to resolve the problem. In this case, he had a serious karmic debt in play, and that had to be honored from the perspective of the higher self, speaking for his soul, and its overall need for growth and advancement. Sometimes this is by far the lesser of evils, even to lose one’s life prematurely rather than undergo a prolonged period of unpleasantness as another way of working through karmic debt.

Most people, knowing they can continue to incarnate again and again as they choose, would rather skip a lifetime of torture, and accept a shortened life in exchange, knowing they can resume life under better circumstances, with the lost opportunity of the shortened life as repayment being the lesser of evils.

And that is what happened here. This was a decision, at the level of higher self, to leave. And the thoughts and anguish were formidable, and gave rise to a very strong desire to end his experience, in order to be done with it all. And so, this was simply allowed to proceed. So it was a dual vote for him, from both his conscious awareness, his subconscious torment, and then the higher self giving permission as well, by not working actively to delay or prevent this. And this is why the Protocol work fell short in not preventing him taking his life. This was simply ruled off-limits by the higher self, and so the healing could not be fully applied as a preventive measure.

But we can reassure you that the same healing that would have been done normally to deal with the problems of other lifetimes making his current emotional difficulty intolerable in severity, and would have been rendered to prevent further dark thoughts from getting the best of him, were fully applied during the transition by the Protocol work. The fact that it was done during the transition means that he will be in much better shape now, and when he reincarnates in the future, if this is chosen, he will not be back where he started, or in a worse plight, because of adding additional difficulty in the pain and suffering of those around him left with unanswered questions, and linked to him karmically. He will be able to proceed without this being an added burden because the karmic issues that needed to be dealt with will receive additional healing, and this will continue into the future as well, and resume on any return into physical life, to carry them further.

So this is the greatest of blessings, to have an efficient, quick solution for a very difficult problem, but still benefit from deep healing to reach deeply into the underpinnings, and have him be the best possible condition for any future lifetimes he wishes to embark upon. So there are many blessings for all involved here. We understand the loved ones will grieve, and the pain of their loss, and the shock to them and, in some respects, the regrets it causes will still need healing, but this is the part of the Lightworker Protocol work ongoing now, because that is the key to healing for him, to undo the pain he has caused others. So that will be taken care of, now and in the future as well, and will continue to be an ongoing process now that it has been launched effectively.