DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA practitioner writes: “Soon, I will travel abroad. In my heart, I feel that I will meet my future husband there. Ever since I booked the flight ticket I was excited until now. To be honest, I am getting stressed as time approaches. Two days ago, I had a very weird vivid dream where doctors told me I have breast cancer so I cannot go. I also, with intervals, started to pick at my skin again. Yesterday, I did a Lightworker Healing Protocol session for divine healing and included this as a client issue for myself. I saw that my current anxiety probably stems from many traumatic relationship experiences in past lives. Is this really the reason for my current stress about meeting my partner? And will further LHP work be enough or will a subconscious channeling be helpful, too?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This, indeed, is simply inner fear that is getting going because of the yearnings you are having to meet a soulmate. This is stirring up fear of loss which you have experienced in other lifetimes of gaining love and then losing it tragically. That is the basis of the fear and the details are best left to history as this need not happen yet again. It is not needed and is not wanted, it is simply feared through a kind of habit because of prior experience. Both approaches for healing will be of value and work well together to benefit more greatly than even the sum of the parts taken separately. Some inner beliefs are best dealt with directly through channeling of the deep subconscious, and that will free up the inner roadblocks in the way of the most robust divine healing to help refurbish you and clear the decks from old business, so to speak. The broad-based attack on prior negative karma through the Protocol is of great value as well because of the sum total of negative events surrounding lost love, which unfortunately, is an all-too-common experience of many through the ages because of the difficulties and uncertainties of life. So this is a karmic carryover, not a portent of things to come, that they will end in disaster, it is only fear this may be so—that can be lessened through healing.