DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA recent documentary with two young men who were talented boys subjected to sexual abuse over a period of years by superstar, Michael Jackson, described how the mothers were enamored of him and had no qualms about their sons sleeping over at Michael Jackson’s home, and even spent periods of time themselves with their sons at his estate and slept in separate rooms while their sons were staying overnight in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. Today, the mothers seemed stricken that they were oblivious to what was going on and that they failed to protect their sons from this abuse. Was this failing more than just misplaced loving trust? Were the mothers manipulated in some way to create a state of complacency to foster out of bounds behavior by Jackson in order to compromise him? In our channeling of Michael Jackson, he described being negatively influenced by onboard spirit meddler attachments. Was there more to the story?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Indeed, and you have seen intuitively, this is so, and the reason you are asking this question now. This was bypassed deliberately in the channeling so as to not drag, yet again, this seemingly crazy idea of extraterrestrial manipulation into the mix with this particular session. The reason is that Michael Jackson is such a high visibility target and subject of wide interest to many millions of people, and it may well be this is the first stop many make in coming to Get Wisdom and sampling your wares. To hit people over the head with a dark extraterrestrial conspiracy is a sure way to discourage many newcomers from giving your information any further consideration.

This is the unfortunate consequence of much extraterrestrial mind control manipulation over many years, so this was left unstated and did not come up directly. This too was facilitated in the shaping of the questions so that it would not be a direct exploration as a way of softening the implications. It is bad enough and strange enough that dark spirits can manipulate people and corrupt them into inhuman treatment of other humans, including young children and infants, so this is not sugarcoating the truth of things—that a deeper level of corruption was involved and this was, in fact, orchestrated by his own onboard spirit meddler attachments to a large extent. The impetus was encouraged by the Extraterrestrial Alliance because of his star power and they do target all such individuals who are beacons of light to other people.

In this case, to maximize the effectiveness of the corruption, the parents were manipulated to make them complacent and enchanted with Michael Jackson, almost in a love bite scenario, and thereby be blinded to something unsavory being a motive that could harm their children. It is this flagrant disregard for logic and reason under the strange circumstances of such physical proximity, and even intimacy at times, with the steady outreach by Jackson to the young children and befriending them in a very personal way, which would normally be a red flag for concerned parents, if only to keep their youngster a bit down to earth and not be carried away by the awesome iconic figure taking an interest.