DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA recent piece in the New Yorker mentions that medieval church bells were sometimes engraved with a Latin inscription meaning “I break the lightening” as it was believed that church bells could protect against lightening. Ironically, between 1753 and 1786, more than a hundred bell ringers were killed by lightening strikes. If true, was there something sinister behind this?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

You saw intuitively this was the case and we can confirm this for you. The very idea that church bells could ward off such a hazard was alien mind control manipulation to begin with, simply to have fun with the hapless humans who, especially in those days, were more prone to all kinds of superstitious notions, and this paved the way to have further mischief by proving the point in killing bell ringers during lightning storms who were only serving the parishioners to be a kind of watchdog and divine protection emissary. This was too juicy target opportunity to be missed from the depraved thinking of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, who enjoy watching humans take pratfalls and if it is a fatal fall so much the better from their twisted point of view. They are behind many of the notable human follies through the ages where people followed strange rituals or behaviors believed to confer some kind of benefit. This was simply done to make them look ridiculous and have a good laugh at their expense.