DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA client asks: “I never thought to ask you this, if I sleep in my bedroom, I have the most frightening nightmares, I’ve never had nightmares, unless I sleep in my bedroom, I now sleep on the couch and never have any nightmares, I think there is something keeping me out of my bedroom and don’t sleep in there, why do I have these frightening nightmares only in my bedroom at my house?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is simply triggering inner fear on the part of your deep subconscious mind which, believe it or not, knows where you are at all times even though it is out of your awareness entirely from the reach of your consciousness. It has its own way of perceiving things. It follows you 24 hours a day and does not sleep. It will always know full well when you are tucking yourself in at night, and where that might be. What is happening is the occurrence of trauma memories from nighttime struggles with spirits in your home bothering you, especially at night when your conscious mind was turned off. And it had to face the malevolence on its own and was being targeted quite directly in some cases, because spirits are able to interact through the intuitive gateway and be noticed. It is no different than a person not wanting to be bothered by someone who then shouts loudly outside their window, and the ears will indeed pick up the sound and it might well trigger anxiety or inner fear if that person is menacing in their tone and intention. The answer here is continued healing to remove the negative energetic signature of these trauma memories, and that you can request on her behalf.