DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA student asks: “Would it be helpful in protecting all from psychotronic and astral/psychic attacks by requesting Creator to encrypt and/or cloak the human’s bioenergy signature from any attacking source, so one cannot be identified, located or targeted by remote monitoring and weapons systems either in the physical or astral—the bio-resonance signature being the primary element/component used to identify and track light beings for all MK and energetic/psychotronic/etheric weaponry?” Is this feasible to have done and will it be helpful to include in the Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Indeed, this can be requested. As with all things, it will depend on the belief quotient and the self-acceptance and self-belief of the client and practitioner as well. Like all healing bestowed, all changes, all adjustments, and all healing done, these are always rate-limiting conditions and the same will be true of asking for this extra level of protection. It will need to be employed in opposition to other free will entitled beings seeking their targets and seeking to manipulate. This is the ongoing contest and it is not a question of us playing favorites or not doing so. The paradigm established is one of free agency and free will. Much then depends on humans, as those in charge, to state clearly and forcefully what they wish to see happen and make a direct entreaty to the divine realm, particularly when extra help is needed that contravenes the intention of others. There needs to be good reason to do so and there needs to be a set of sufficient criteria to warrant an intervention that is, with regard to the requester, a self-serving benefit.

This is somewhat different than simply countering the insults and injuries coming from others. It is removing one’s self from their reach and thereby limiting what they can do as opposed to changing or reversing something after the fact when they may have done their best to cause problems and then have the ultimate consequences attenuated or reversed. If the person is standing strong and the practitioner as well is in good standing, such a high level of request can be made, and this is very analogous to the cloaking that can be done to render people invisible to dark spirits. In effect, this parallels the way in which the extraterrestrials operate across the board. It is, to a significant extent, done intuitively by extraterrestrial psychics and this is no different when it comes to dark spirits—they navigate and function intuitively as well, as they lack ordinary senses, but see through their thoughts and the projection of non-local consciousness. That is why a cloaking can be done for all classes of intuitive intrusion, so this can be requested with the appropriate exceptions that may be desired here to make the cloaking specific to dark beings but not prevent the divine realm to perceive and survey them, for example. This would be a useful addition to the Protocol and would help tilt the balance in the favor of humanity in the ongoing contest.