DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersA viewer asks: “Can my being a Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner and in in close proximity with someone, influence or affect the other person even if I have not done an LHP for them?” What was going on in her interaction with the neighbor lady who she knew was struggling?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

What you were witnessing was divine influence on the neighbor to cause her to take an interest and become closer to you and to open up about issues of concern and give you an opportunity to share some perspectives and some wisdom. Even in being open enough to listen, for this person was an extraordinary gift. As you know yourself, there are not many people who can accept spiritual things at face value and believe in them fully, so it is rare to be present with a compatriot who will understand and accept you if you hold such views. So this was a multilevel exchange of energies facilitated by the divine realm and this is the mysterious thing that can happen and is true of all who are in divine alignment. There are people who will sense it and may not even understand what they are sensing but will develop a trust in the person and may well be motivated within, to reveal something of deep importance because they are being encouraged by the higher self or by Creator, knowing that that person in alignment can share some divine wisdom with them that will help make a difference. The workings of the divine are everywhere. The more you are open to this possibility, the more you will see evidence of it.