DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA viewer asks: “Can you check, or have you checked with Creator, about what our prayers for peace are able to do with the Ukrainian conflict and what is really happening over there?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

We can tell you there have been definite benefits, primarily to bog down the military assault to be less effective than expected, and slower in implementing some of the major objectives that were projected to be reached much earlier than this, and are currently at a standstill—that is a major achievement.

While there is a potential of prolonging the overall duration of the active conflict, and thus loss of life, something has to happen tangibly to create conditions that will motivate the aggressor, in this case, to negotiate a ceasefire and as a prelude to a lessening of the carnage, and eventually, drawing down the invasion forces and returning towards normalcy, will be a blessing indeed compared to where things are. Keep in mind, this has huge momentum behind it from the Extraterrestrial Alliance who truly want to start World War III. Everything that this initial outbreak of war is doing feeds that agenda through raising tensions, creating an outpouring of compassion that is being manipulated to become staunchly pro-war, in wanting to jump in militarily, to help the victims of Ukraine by fighting back against the Russians, all of which will ramp up the likelihood of triggering a NATO response, or a reprisal against NATO and even the U.S., because of the brazen support with armaments, and so on, which technically is an act of war in becoming an ally of Ukraine against Russia.

We are working to reduce the appetite for all-out war amongst all the players at all levels of the hierarchy, and that is partly what is involved in the mixed success of the military maneuvers thus far. Even though they have the wherewithal to cause huge damage and suffering, even with the most scattered, disorganized, and random launching of rockets and artillery salvoes, it is not possible to keep everyone safe. There is only so much prayer power to work with, but it is having a benefit so we will see how things play out going forward from here.