DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessA viewer asks: “Could the story of the “Millennium” in the Bible have to do with the ETs leaving with plans to return in the future to continue with their games? Could this give us the breather that Humanity needs to become so spiritually evolved that when and if the ETs return, they won’t be able to do anything?”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

This indeed can be the case if humans awaken to the cause at this time and contribute their energies in requesting a divine solution for the problem of the interlopers in your midst. This was a twin psychic perception that is mixing the past with the future and that is why it is not only cryptic but has its negative tone as well as positivity. The sources of the visions here were seeing both the prior annihilation of humanity at the hands of the extraterrestrials as well as a future withdrawal to create a pause of considerable length. The prior annihilation has already occurred. The future pause through withdrawal has yet to come about but can if the aims of GetWisdom come to fruition, but it can be considered as encouragement that this was seen as a prophecy so long ago—that is because there is considerable energy behind the idea and things are moving towards that eventuality. It is still too soon to guarantee things will work out, but the potential is growing and that was being perceived long ago and went on record as best could be done through the psychic perceptions behind the writings you cite.