DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA viewer asks: “Supposedly, there are fewer serial killers around today than a couple of decades ago, especially in the 70s and 80s. You rarely hear of cases like these anymore. Many serial killers were connected to satanic cults. So if the cults are still active in equal numbers one would assume there would be many active serial killers as well. What’s the story here?”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

Unfortunately, we can tell you there are as many serial killers as ever. It is simply not reported and not thoroughly investigated; it is a consequence of mind control manipulation that this is so. The serial killers are more purposeful in their actions than ever before and are more intensively weaponized to attack targeted individuals rather than random people they run across. There are exceptions because bloodlust is a motivation for some of these individuals, and they may include targets of convenience as well as those they are seeking according to a certain profile, and being manipulated through inner marching orders relayed to them by controllers among the interlopers to do the deed when the time is right for the desired dire consequences to be unleashed. There is a growing malaise among law enforcement that is reinforced by the relentless attacks against the authorities, especially law enforcement, by the vocal members of the public in the political movement to hold the police at fault for perpetuating racism, and the cause of the mayhem unleashed with demonstrations and riots. This would weigh heavily on anyone, to be blamed for such negativity and evildoing and the many who suffer as a consequence. Most police officers wear a badge because they want to help society; they may have ego involvement but that’s true of many people in all professions and not unique to law enforcement; there are many good souls doing their utmost to “serve and protect” as their motto states.

So there are many ways law enforcement is misdirected to, at times, be heavy-handed to incur public wrath while at the same time being undermined both through emotional reactions to being disparaged by the community, as well as mind control manipulation to make them less interested and to ignore evidence about the existing wrongdoing, and to not see the patterns among cases involving similar victims. This is easy for the Extraterrestrial Alliance to arrange, so it is a very effective strategy to create free-roaming killers who are programmed to carry out these desires and arm them with tactics that will end up leaving the police largely helpless because they leave the jurisdiction right after a crime and so cannot be traced very well.