DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionA viewer asks: “Halloween undeniably is “fun” for children, but it clearly has a downside and dark history as well. Can Creator provide an overall summary of the divine view of today’s Halloween celebrations, and in particular, their effect on children?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We have shared with you this is a secular transformation of what used to be a religious holiday and an outreach to struggling human spirits who needed help returning to the heavenly realm and was an opportunity to remind all of the obligations people have to care for their loved ones. Not only holding memory in their heart, but to reach out to the divine realm with prayer on their behalf, and in that way assist them further, even when they have departed from physical life, and especially so, because this is a real need and a phenomenon that is an eventual consequence for far too many humans. So anything people do from the human side in requesting divine assistance will be of material value, because the divine realm cannot act unilaterally to rescue these lost souls. There must be a request from humans themselves, and the spirits are in no condition to seek such help themselves because they are disoriented, depleted, and ill-equipped to have the capability to mount such thoughts. It is often absence of belief in the first place or inadequate belief, that creates their earthbound dilemma. So they will already be starting from behind and will not be able to formulate an effective plan with belief behind it to reach out for help. Many will not even know they are dead but yet are suffering, tumbling in the dark and often under siege by dark and evil spirit beings, and desperately need someone looking out for them and mounting a rescue mission. So the contrast between doing service for departed loved ones by partnering with the divine to raise them up and save them from a dark fate, and comparing that to today’s secular ritual, seemingly for the entertainment of children to go from door to door asking for candy, shows the consequence of the corruption that has happened to lower people’s awareness, and turn them away from a heartfelt divine activity, to one of selfish motives with an entirely destructive outcome. While it is a fun activity that is more about the dressing up and having sweets as a reward, so it is a form of play, there are many ways to obtain the same benefits without wearing ghoulish costumes and masks to hide the identity, and often to be pretending to be dark beings of various kinds. That is never a positive experience. It widens the door of negative possibilities in the minds of the young. To have the reward be sugar-based treats almost exclusively is a further corruption, because sugar is a very destructive and dangerous thing to ingest, and it can engender lifelong indulgence through association learned during Halloween to represent a kind of peak experience and reward for the self, and begin a cycle of regular cravings that children will want to satisfy. And this can go on lifelong and contribute to disease, like cancer. This, too, is a high price to pay for a fleeting entertainment with no other purpose.