DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionA viewer asks: “What effect does watching scary Halloween motion pictures have on people, especially children?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

First of all, many of these films are created as a seasonal offering and become associated with the Halloween experience of dressing up to pretend to be dark beings and witnessing others delighting in playacting the role. This gets thoughts going about dark possibilities. Even when this isn’t attractive or desired, it augments the potential reality of such forces and creates an energy within that begins to match the energy of such beings themselves. This is never a good idea, to be identifying with depravity, especially with young impressionable children taking part. To watch motion pictures depicting acts of cruelty and depravity, as is so often the case these days, in particular, with a lowering of standards that has been relentless, children see many horrific things at too young an age to fully understand the implications and what it might do to their own psyche. This will stir up many past life memories of participating with all kinds of dark doings, through choice or forced to do so, or being a victim and witnessing such depravity take place, as many, many, people have been tortured in past eras, and killed, and witnessed such things. Seeing a movie with these kinds of themes will reawaken many personal memories of the viewers, including young children, who will not be able to understand or cope with the emotions that are created. It is an amplification and a kind of augmentation of karmic potential to re-experience such events. This will undermine the person and weaken their defenses, and may well lead directly to a spirit possession during the film. This is certainly something parents would never expect might befall their children, sending them off to the theater and not looking carefully at the content beforehand of what their child might be subjected to, and being unaware of the dark consequences that might ensue from something that seems quite innocent in the act of watching a motion picture depicting fantasy and not real events. The deep subconscious will not know the difference, and will not know the difference between the current life and the many past lifetimes it has lived through directly, from its perspective, and will be very fearful of them coming again. Seeing a movie of dark subject matter can heavily trigger the viewer to stir up inner turmoil and weaken them to outside manipulation and a worsening of their life.