DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA viewer asks: “I was thinking about how strange it is there is such a focus on “systemic racism” and that racist thoughts would even occur to people. And then, a little ditty came into my head: ‘If you’re white, you’re right, if you’re black, you lack; if you’re brown you’re down, if you’re red, you’re dead; if you’re yellow, you’re a bad fellow.’ Where did this come from?” Is he really racist, is he just recalling examples of cultural influences he has witnessed, or is it implanted subliminal programming his mind is retrieving from within?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Interestingly, it is the latter. This is something floated up from deep within, via the deep subconscious hearing such things imparted by the interlopers during the subliminal mind control manipulation done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to program people with all kinds of negative imagery and negative beliefs they may well adopt, and thereby corrupt themselves. To be sure, such descriptions are part of the cultural heritage this individual and those in the West are living with, particularly in countries where slavery has happened. Cultural awareness, including specific details and slurs that are a disparagement, will create a kind of imprint that is essentially part of common knowledge and not a character flaw, as information cannot be unlearned, it cannot simply be purged because a person finds it distasteful. If anything, something that is unseemly, unfair, or evil on its face will make an even greater impression and survive more prominently in the long-term memory as a consequence—that is not racist either, but simply that a person is observant and takes things seriously that are of a serious nature. To not react, not be moved, or perturbed by exposure to such dark descriptions would be abnormal and show a defect in character. So the fact a person might recall such things and be able to state them is not proof they are racist, only that they are observant and an honest reporter of the passing scene when called upon.

In this case, this is a perfect illustration of the way minds are shaped and distorted; such messages are presented to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds and their current thinking and biases, because they will have an influence regardless. This litany will do just what one might expect—it will reward a white person in at least thinking they are off the hook with respect to negative judgments, and of course, if they are racially prejudiced against people of color and have white supremacist leanings, it will further reinforce their prejudice in seeing others as flawed, disadvantaged, and perhaps already discounted, if not doomed. People of color will rightly recoil from this litany of descriptions because they will see it as clearly a demonstration of bias that is pro-white and an example of white privileged thinking, and will feel hurt and deeply wounded by any aspersions pertaining to their racial group in particular, and will feel, in sympathy, aggrieved on behalf of other racial groups in the list and seeing it as an attack. Hearing this presented over and over within the deep subconscious ramps up fear and loathing, and strengthens inner beliefs that there are many biased individuals and evil thoughts that thrive within the culture, and so it will damage everyone who hears it and ramp up their particular leanings and passions accordingly—that is the genius of this campaign in its ability, with one message, to divide and conquer all who hear it.