DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsA viewer asks: “In my early 20’s I remember being woken up in the night by something that held my head perfectly still and slightly up off the pillow. During the few brief seconds of this event, I remember feeling no fear but almost as if fear was being blocked in some way. Immediately after this event, my memory of it faded strangely and rapidly; however, since I’d researched strange phenomena my whole life, I consciously held onto this memory. What or who was this entity and what were they doing to me that night?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This was experienced in conjunction with an extraterrestrial abduction. You were taken for observation and study and replaced in your original location with the memory wiped except for the brief flash of awareness with the manipulation being felt consciously. So the memory wipe was incomplete for that brief moment of awareness and allowed this to be retained, and that is the hallmark of having an extraordinary experience of great meaning. It will be held onto because the deep subconscious knows its significance and wants to remember it as a life lesson. This has fueled your curiosity over the years and is one of the reasons you have kept at it with such vigor, because there is an inner knowing there is a mystery of your own experiencing that is important to unravel.

This is nothing to fear other than the fact all humans are at risk from these interlopers. In most cases, it is a routine surveillance and experimentation they are doing. They have made many, many genetic modifications in human beings over the years and will follow millions of people from lifetime to lifetime and do genetic studies and other surveillance to assess the makeup and how it might change from lifetime to lifetime. That is the case here in your level of involvement. It would be advantageous to have a Lightworker Healing Protocol session to arrange some deep divine healing for this experience and anything in your past it resonates with, and to have healing remain ongoing to work on the karmic consequences of past trauma like this.