DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsA viewer asks: “It does seem that there are many shades of gray in the choices humans make in this world. I was surprised to hear in the Nevil Shute channeling that the American Revolution, although bloody, must in fact somehow have had Creator’s favor, as the new USA was founded on many divine principles, and was stated to be, at least in its inception, the best model of government in the world, and that much of that benefit still accrues. What of the principles followed by other democratic governments, such as the UK, EU, or former colonies, such as Canada and Australia? What can you tell us about them?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Those countries embracing and implementing democratic principles will be the greatest in alignment because what truly matters for human existence and happiness is the degree of liberty and personal freedom enjoyed by the individual, as well as the collective effort of like-minded people wanting to work together to accomplish particular goals unhindered by overseers or tyrannical government institutions seeking power through controlling everything. We leave it to you to sort through how each of those regional and governmental areas are doing on the scale of relative personal autonomy and freedom versus having to follow many rules and limits applied by the state with respect to their movements, their personal choices of livelihood, how they live and engage in relationships with one another, either personally, through business, for education, or expression of religious observance. Are there constraints on free expression with respect to any of the above? Are such activities valued, encouraged, and supported, or discouraged and obstacles put in the way, or practices even disallowed and made illegal? Are free speech and free expression tolerated or suppressed?

We would say all governments are heavily corrupted to suppress many notions, especially anything to do with the spiritual. This is deliberate, it is not simply because people disagree about how to practice spirituality and therefore the whole subject needs to be avoided. When “freedom of religion” is turned into “freedom from religion” by the governments, there is something deeply wrong and destructive underway. The Secular Movement will lead eventually to your demise, so there are many yardsticks that can be used in gauging the degree of love and acceptance or intolerance being exhibited by the institutions in place within an area and how the government runs things. There needs to be a much greater awakening of the need for the divine in closer partnership with all human endeavors—that used to be a given but has now become largely anathema on the level of governmental controls and policies. This is because of corruption, that governments turn into a quest for power and control as the highest priority and any threat to the personal power of the politicians and rulers will not be tolerated in a hierarchy that is reinforced by the darkness. So here again are good indicators if you look closely at how things are conducted in a given area and the regime in charge.