DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human ClonesA viewer asks: “We learned in the latest questions for Creator session, among other things, that humans can mate and reproduce with alien hybrids and clones. How can those who are seeking a partner verify that they have found a divine human being? There are many things I can think of, such as does the person have a vibrant faith, do they love nature, are they loving towards other humans, etc. Wouldn’t someone know by a thousand intuitive means that they were with a being that didn’t have the divine spark? We know that even Reptilian replacements have a hard time completely duping human partners and children, and that whole families have to be replaced. What types of degradation of behavior or health would be indicators that someone has partial clone or hybrid DNA?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Your description is a reasonable way of assessing not only the question of an artificial construct being an imposter but the worth of a human being in general with respect to their divine alignment and degree of enlightenment. Being corrupted will diminish the ability to love, to feel it, and to give it to others. So, too, an appreciation of nature is the recognition of Creator’s love for you and the enterprise you are a part of, to put so much beauty into the world. But there is a complication here you need to be aware of, and that is the alien ability to create the semblance of love through a manipulation of human feelings directly—they can make a human being fall in love with a human hybrid being who is essentially a soulless amalgam of human characteristics on an artificial alien construct.

When people are truly in divine alignment and living with a very high spiritual vibration, such manipulations will be more difficult and may well not be responded to without inner qualms serving as a warning, but most people will not have such discernment. If you consider the fact that everyone in society is currently being manipulated by subliminal programming to believe all kinds of false notions, this shows the sad fact that humans cannot be relied on to have good judgment about most things. Sometimes they will be right, sometimes they will be wrong, but all can be manipulated, left to their own devices without divine oversight and protection. So we would say, rather than try to establish a set of criteria that are seemingly logical, one should look to prayer work and healing to request and maintain divine oversight and protection as being the best one can do, as this will bring in outside energies and amplify the natural inner ability to stand strong and to exercise the intuitive reach when it is appropriate and perhaps even lifesaving to do so.