DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingA viewer asks: “I’ve had quite a few Deep Subconscious Channeling-Trauma Resolution sessions and after re-listening to the audio, a question for Creator popped into my mind. This isn’t a question I need, or necessarily want, to be answered but I thought it might help others understand how healing works. Here’s the backstory: When I was younger, I’d imagine around 4 or 5 years old, I was diagnosed with an illness called Perthes disease, which basically meant my right hip joint formed badly (according to the Internet, it dies, gets absorbed into the bloodstream and then regrows, but I don’t know). I was supposed to be operated on and I even went under anesthetic, but when I woke up, (wanting to see the cool scar as a 5 or 6-year-old), I was told I didn’t need an operation and they just gave me an injection. Since then, everything has been fine. In the first DSC/HMR session I had, it was about the same age and same area of the body. The same area of the body came up later on, in a different session, too. I’d like to ask Creator: ‘Did the DSC/HMR work done recently, in 2021, help to heal an issue that I had in the early 1990s? If so, could Creator elaborate how it was a certainty that I would engage in DSC/HMR to heal this?'”
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

There is nothing mysterious in what happened, but it is truly awesome in the manifestation. What you are leaving out of the picture is a further possibility here, that having done the session in 2021 which addressed traumas affecting that region of the body, allowed going back in time prior to the 1990s to other lifetimes, where predisposing factors for that medical condition were created because of trauma experienced that was specific to that region of the body, and set in motion a karmic predisposition to have great difficulty in the future unless healing were to happen. Through the looping of time, what was perceived as the 1990s came about without an intervening opportunity for healing, and then in the looping through the time segment you experience as 2021, an opportunity was presented to obtain deep karmic repair for hip-related issues that traced back in time to other lifetimes. And it was the healing effort applied through this process to the energetic signature within the akashic records of those more ancient experiences that, in effect, caught up to the time interval lived in the 1990s, so that you had a brush with the potential of having a serious deformation of the body followed by the occurrence of healing for that very deformation, and that created a juxtaposition that seemed to be enigmatic to the physicians who wrote it off as someone simply having made a mistake in interpreting the diagnostic information. And you, as a child, felt let down because you naively thought it would be exciting to have your operation and have a scar you could show others but, in effect, were spared significant suffering, and that, of course, is always the goal of healing and a benefit—there is no virtue in suffering per se when it is possible to heal and reverse the manifestation of an apparent surgical need in the body.

What is truly interesting and an extra blessing for you in this was making an adjustment to the application of energies during this looping of time so that you would have the opportunity to have on record your physical malady that then was obviated by the future application of healing to a prior timeline altogether. Normally, that would have prevented the future malady and would have been unknown to you entirely. In your case, things were adjusted so that you would be a witness to the miracle of healing from the future to correct a past karmic liability and see the consequences in having a brush with a major surgery that was made unnecessary as a benefit. So this was arranged as a blessing to you and to be a teaching example, exactly as you propose, and a demonstration of retrocausal healing providing a great benefit in showing the reach and power of divine healing through the looping of time to work miracles in the present through healing the past.