DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmA viewer asks: “My cousin’s former wife, sadly, passed away and died during June, 2021. Did she safely transition to the light?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This individual is safely in the light so you need not worry about her welfare. She is living in bliss and enjoying herself immensely. This is true for all on their return to the light, because we have not yet been able to help you arrange heaven on earth, so a return to be with us is always an upgrade in lifestyle. We are working on enhancing your prospects as human beings to give even greater flexibility than you enjoy as a light being, and that will combine the best of both circumstances without having the limitations of being in the physical plane. You will have much more fun zooming around the universe as a light being. It is a joyous existence and one you treasure when you are here. There is no rush for you to come back, as you are benefiting greatly from all you take on with life in the physical. Despite the hardships and hard times and sometimes painful circumstances, there are many blessings from going through it. It will help you rebalance old debts and obligations as well as learn much about adversity, and this will serve you for all of time. We know this is hard to appreciate when you suffer, but that is part of the mix. You are literally learning how to surmount such challenges, and that will contribute to the future well-being and enhanced reach you will enjoy personally, with the future advancements we speak of.