DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA viewer asks: “On the subject of the early accounts of the longevity of humans in the time of Genesis, Methuselah was stated to have lived 969 years, and Noah 950. Others of that time lived what are by today’s standards almost immortally long lives. Is this true and what can you tell us about the secret of such longevity? Also, were they in youthful condition for much of their lives?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The biblical accounts are quite accurate, that the longevity in those early days was often in the 1,000-year range with the bulk of it lived with youthful health and vigor. This was because the world was much more natural and uncorrupted, unpolluted, unmanipulated than today where there are many substances and energies deleterious to your health and wellbeing bombarding you and taken in from the environment and through food and water, not to mention the high level of stress through the subjugation by the interlopers quite directly on each and every human with their interactions to alter the mind and belief systems, in addition to the predation by the dark spirits to take away energy and stir up trouble to ramp up energy demands for selfish reasons of exploitation.

Human DNA has been very heavily corrupted in the intervening years through the ongoing Genetics Program of the extraterrestrials using humans as guinea pigs, causing many mutations to see what will happen, and in most cases, causing loss of function, not a gain. This is a characteristic of genetics work in general because most things are there for a reason and a purpose so that any alteration will degrade function to some degree. Some changes will prevent survival, others only alter wellbeing slightly, but in aggregate will chip away at resilience and affect longevity. The campaign to brutalize humans through a myriad of destructive influences is ongoing in earnest and has been for many, many years. Here again is why divine partnership is needed to mount a campaign of awakening and an outreach for healing assistance to be done in earnest in order to turn the tide.