DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA viewer asks: “The Creator with whom Karl Mollison communicates has acknowledged an entity “higher” than itself. In light of this, who or what has created the “Creator” with whom Karl communicates?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

We have described this in the past and are doing so because we are honest and forthright in our dealings with divine human because you are a part of us and that is the most valuable thing you can know. Being literally part of God, you are exalted already but have come to doubt this because of your weakened status currently as a physical human. That has been done to you by the ravages of time and the evil forces working against you.

We are truly the divine being spoken of in the Scriptures universally and the loftiest of divine beings influencing your universe. This is our creation and our province. We, in turn, were created by another God being and there is another God being even higher. This is all you need to know at this point in time about the overall schema of divinity and its doings. Given the many parallel planes of existence and the infinite creation that is possible, there is no need to fear any of this. There is room for all and there are infinite possibilities for expansion, and this is true for you as an individual created soul as well. You can rise to far greater heights than you have experienced heretofore. Even being old souls existing prior to the creation of the current universe, there is still much for you to learn and room to grow.

The reality of this hierarchical scheme is not intended to diminish you in any respect. In a sense, you have greater potential as individual components than we do as a composite because for us to expand depends on you, and your ability to change and grow will be truly much more profound than what we do unilaterally. Much of our energy is taken up in supporting you and the other individual beings throughout our creation. That requires great vigilance, oversight, and attention to the details of the inner workings and the enterprise as a whole on every level from the smallest to the greatest. Having set in motion a vast new array of worlds, we are watching it unfold and are needed many, many ways and times to tweak things, make adjustments, and improvements, as the case may be, but we are not in the process of creating and expanding ourself to the same degree that represents your journey from your creation coming forward now through the eons, but yet to reach the loftiest of heights in the schema we are describing here. This awaits you over time and will give you innumerable times of glorious success and happiness. This is all good. There is nothing dark to fear. The beings in the hierarchy are all positive and loving consciousness. That is the essence of all that is created and the creative forces behind it. As you know, inherent within the possibility of existence there must be a full spectrum encompassing an opposite for any energetic expression that you would perceive as positive. This creates many opportunities for things to cause a problem, a misalignment, a distortion, a darkening and lessening of things. This is why conscious oversight is needed to maintain an equilibrium so positive intentions are favored. That is how things have come to be and this has within it the guarantee of success, ultimately.

You and I were not created to fail. We were created to succeed.  When problems arise, they do require action and an effective response. This is always a learning process because things are free-form, they are not preordained from on high. You decide what will happen as much as we do, and this is what we want for you, and all of creation agrees to this. This is the grandest of unfoldings that has ever taken place anywhere and you are at the forefront carrying it forward. It is being done by you more so than the divine in the higher realms and will be your creation and to your credit for all of time in how things turn out. This is the greatest of opportunities you can have and it is here now and underway, not a dream, but a reality. The fact that you are in a dark period of struggle does not take away from that truth, but in a way adds more to its meaning and ultimate value. It will strengthen the enterprise, add character and depth, and deep understanding of how to surmount difficulty in the bargain, and is worth working for, and fighting for if need be, with all your determination and energy.