DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human ClonesA viewer asks: “This question relates to the possible future of completely accurate humanoid robotic creatures. In the recent Terminator movie, a T1000, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, was supposedly a very good father and husband, loved by both, because he cared about them and was stable. Is that possible or would the lack of true emotions, similar to the question about the Vulcans, make their ability to be good family members impossible?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

With the current level of capability of the alien hybrids, such high-level functioning would be impossible, that is true, but keep in mind that many humans are, in effect, robotic in their lack of sensitivity or ability to love. This includes the growing number of narcissists among you, not to mention that 1% of humanity are functional sociopaths completely devoid of the ability to care about others but only the self. Many such people who are fully human but simply corrupted will enter into partnerships, including marriage, and become parents. They will be unable to love their children in the same ways as being poor lovers for their partners, and many marriages will end in divorce. But this is a problem that has existed and been tolerated through having no alternative for thousands of years now. It is worsening with the consequences of the Secular Movement because people are not praying for divine help, so there is greater frequency and more severe manipulation by dark spirit possession of human beings routinely, and that disconnection from the higher self is what creates the character disorders of narcissism and sociopaths—it is a spiritual dilemma. What is needed is greater awakening to the urgency of the problem and the reality it can only be solved through reaching out to the divine for assistance.