DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA viewer asks: “What is the cause of excessive uncontrollable hand sweating, i.e., hyperhidrosis, which causes major suffering for people? Can this be helped through divine healing with the Lightworker Healing Protocol? Can the LHP help reduce new cases of hyperhidrosis in coming generations? And what are the real effects of the nerve-damaging surgery to stop excessive sweating, called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS)?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

The medical condition designated as hyperhidrosis is a real physical demonstration of hyperactive sympathetic nerve activity impinging on the sweat glands and this is often a severe distraction for people who may develop an exaggerated emotional response linked to high anxiety and will view it as a true impairment, and will trigger severe social anxiety as a consequence, so the effects will snowball and become quite limiting in some individuals. While this can be attenuated through the surgical approach described, we have said before that surgery is best avoided because it will always have side effects that are unintended and will be undesirable in their own right.

In this instance particularly, to alter nerve functions in the body, in this case on a body-wide scale, to solve a problem of one’s extremities is a high price to pay for symptomatic relief. But we understand it may well be perceived, even with our description, as the lesser of evils when someone is suffering from these symptoms now and wants relief and sees this as a block to having a normal life. There will be much at stake under these circumstances, so we do not judge. We see opportunities here for divine healing. This can be facilitated through prayer, and through the Lightworker Healing Protocol more effectively in a time sense for achieving visible relief. This problem could also be alleviated with sessions of subconscious channeling and trauma resolution through your channel, because there is a karmic underpinning for the disorder in almost all cases.