DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA viewer asks: “Whilst I am an omnivore, I wonder if the original model of the divine human was to be vegan or was it always divine intention for humans to ‘need’ to eat animal protein in order to maximize health? Would it not have been preferable to have made humans non-reliant on killing other life forms in order to be able to achieve supreme health?”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

There are reasons why humans are omnivores and not herbivores, and these are of a complex technical nature in part, but also there are reasons in the broad planning of the future of humanity that it is important for you to learn about animal husbandry and wise stewardship of the animal kingdom to live in balance. This gives growth through learning how to do it wisely and well, taking into account the needs of the animals to be treated with humane handling and respect for their needs during their propagation and growth.


The animals were created to be food for humans. That is their purpose, to provide meat, milk, and various products of their body constituents to be used as clothing from the hides, and various implements, even from the hooves of the animal. This is not inhumane. The animals contribute willingly to be used in this way and understand it is their role in things. They just do not wish to be mistreated along the way, and to be killed humanely, and this can be done quite efficiently.


The problems enter in with the factory farm approach where animals may be held under very crowded conditions and not protected from harsh weather or other difficulties. They need proper care and feeding to be happy and they need fresh air and sunshine just like people. So conditions of today’s world are far from ideal, but at the initiation of the divine human project, the world was idyllic and animals abounded, living in harmony with one another and with human, with humans only making a very small impact on animal life. That was the original intention. Things changed over time with the interlopers arriving.


So humans were designed to subsist largely on meat and milk with some fruit and vegetable intake, to a smaller degree, because they were introduced into a world with abundant animal life readily at hand as a quality food source. Plants, in contrast, have meager nutrition on a weight basis and the range of nutrients is more restricted. There are things particular to fruits and some vegetables that have medicinal properties, but that is a different thing than considering them to be necessary staples for healthy wellbeing. The officially sanctioned nutritional approaches are flawed because the people involved in making assessments and drawing up the recommendations are being manipulated to misrepresent the truth, and this has been a chronic problem for many, many years.