DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceShould I spend money on organic food or would it be better, and just as effective, to simply eat regular food along with the Meal Prayer and then give that extra money saved to those in need? Or is there a better alternative approach entirely?
Nicola Staff asked 5 days ago

You can exist satisfactorily with either type of food backed by prayer work to ask for negativity to be removed. This is not to say the outcomes will be identical in all respects. There are always ups and downs in the flow of energy and times when you are more and less effective for many, many reasons. So there are possibilities for things getting through that might be prevented at one point in time but not in another. This is why taking reasonable precautions in your daily life, to avoid known hazards, is simply logical and prudent and can pay off handsomely when there are many uncertainties in life.


We cannot be a perfect protector for anyone—ever. There are simply too many hazards, too many uncertainties, too great a variability in the energetic makeup of the individual and their resolve, and their level of belief, and their emotional state, and the way and timing of inner belief expression to manipulate the potentials energetically, and other variables as well in the makeup, which is never static but a quite dynamic flow and flux. This creates many complications and much complexity in the task of maintaining safety from a simple prayer request.


We do not mean to discourage the use of prayer in any way, it is highly effective most of the time as long as there is basic belief present in the divine and in the self, but this is a living, breathing thing, and there are many times when belief can be threatened and acceptance of the self less certain when faced with life disappointments and the stresses and strains, even of daily living, let alone a crisis of some kind unfolding.


This is why we always recommend people do all they can for themselves and not simply expect the divine to bear the burden. There is a divine expectation of self-sufficiency and personal investment in seeing to the responsibilities in life to maintain one’s integrity, and to safeguard the soul, and live in divine alignment, and so forth, all of which can be compromised at times and less than perfect. This is when there can be a chink in the armor, so to speak, allowing negativity to creep in. This is not a fault of the divine or the divine plan, it is simply another way in which life is real, and has consequences, and makes it special and important—everything counts.