DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA viewer asks: “Why do people experience miraculous healing when they consistently play the harp? Is it because the harp sits against the thymus gland and boosts the immune system?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

While such healings have occurred, it is not for the physiologic reasons and mechanistic theory you propose. It is entirely the upliftment in resonance with the soul of the listener to raise a person’s vibration, bring them better into divine alignment, and allow a greater flow of divine love and healing that is responsible. Music is divine and the experiencing of music helps align people with the energy and intentions of Creator for love to reign, for love to prevail, and for there to be joy and upliftment, especially when someone is having a rough time and has become out of alignment energetically. As such, the harp can be a gentle shepherd guiding the downtrodden back into the fold, the loving arms of Creator, wanting love for all and for all to be uplifted. Music is a great bridge to the divine and has served to keep many going through dark times.