DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer asks: “You have said the akashic records are unalterable as to being a record of all that happens. So they can’t be “messed with” by the interlopers, for example to impose a negative and painful energetic signature to worsen someone’s karmic consequences. But the stored energetic signatures can be modified through healing, as you have said this can happen through self-applied energetic healing using Holographic Memory Resolution. I know it can happen through divine healing, but I am not sure if a human can heal, directly, the energetic signature of someone else’s dilemma recorded within the akashic records. What are the rules for accessibility and alteration of stored energetic signatures within the akashic records?”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

You are correct that the akashic record energetic signatures are not accessible or modifiable by any outside individuals, directly. One can use various strategies to modify the energetic signature of one’s own experiences because they are linked to you and have your energy and identity on record. So it is sort of like having privileges to go into a bank vault to open your own safety deposit box because you have a signature on file and a key to open it and explore the contents and make adjustments in how you wish things to be stored, and so on. You cannot do this for another individual unless you engage with them in some fashion in partnership, to have them participate so their energy, in part, is coming from them and will allow access to the stored energies. So you can, in that way, facilitate a therapeutic intervention, and that is what HMR accomplishes, where the facilitator creates a series of questions to help guide a person’s mind to connect to past events, recall a sense of what took place and their consequences emotionally, and then invite that person’s mind to envision a healing resolution that would change things fundamentally to right the wrongs that may have happened, so things will end up being neutral or positive rather than negative. And then, with HMR, one uses guided imagery to translate that resolved dilemma into an energetic symbol that is moved through the body, and that is what goes out to the akashic records, much as a key that now fits the lock to change the record of what is on file to being neutral, and thus accomplishing a thorough and effective healing by releasing any stored negativity and painful consequence. You cannot do that unilaterally, because you do not have the key to the lock. That must come from the owner, and that is why you must either work with that person in a cooperative fashion so you participate together to make the right things happen, or he must go to the divine realm and make a request on behalf of the recipient for healing to happen. But you cannot do this with your own energy alone, because you will be locked out.