DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer writes: “In the Lightworker Healing Protocol we ask for the removal of energetic signatures. I assumed these were being taken on and “owned” due to direct exposure to a traumatic event. I am suspecting that they can be passed along from one person to another either genetically or through exposure of long periods of time to another person who doesn’t necessarily traumatize you but there is a strong emotional tie, e.g., an adopted child (just one of many examples).” Is this correct, and what can you add to help our understanding of divine healing?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

Your thinking about this in your intuitive sense is a mixing and matching of phenomena to some extent. The energetic signatures your channel speaks of that are associated with past events, good or bad and in between, relate to personal experiences in the context of those events in question. The participants in the event in question will inevitably have somewhat different vantage points. In many cases, there might be a winner and loser, and each will have a respective energetic signature, perhaps one more as perpetrator and the other more as victim, and so on. Those are specific and fixed with respect to the occurrences in question being captured and registered with the karmic assessment. That is what the Law of Karma draws on to seek restitution and rebalancing of the universe for everything thrown out of alignment. When there is an awareness or perception of something related to a prior misfortune, it might be that one of the participants, not even the self, is revisiting that circumstance and getting things rumbling energetically. And then, through the presence of cordings to you, might cause a reawakening within your own deep subconscious to take a look at that relationship and perhaps review the events in question, and others as well, involving the participants. This can stir the pot and get some consternation and cause some anxiety to be triggered, and so forth, if something truly unpleasant has happened. But it is not a sharing of the energetic signature per se that is registered in the akashic records bringing about such influences.

So when one person influences another, it may be through prompting a shared recollection of an event taking place involving both. Or, it can be simply the transfer of energy in the moment for a combination of reasons that might include the inner awareness of the other party there was prior business with you; and then creating some psychic attack energy from being triggered to re-experience old emotion, perhaps dislike or even hatred towards you, and all the other nuances of resentments, regrets, grudges, and so forth, if there has been known significant prior interaction that did not go well at all times. So to look at it only from the standpoint of having an energetic signature is too simplistic to be useful in wanting to target that directly, and thinking of it as an iconic symbol representing the totality of the interrelationship, and what might need to be addressed. This is a divine-level problem to see to and is more complex than your ability to comprehend as a physical human.