DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA viewer says: “There is a company that offers products which enable you to have water in your household that is equal to or even better than a freshwater source somewhere high up in the mountains. It is 4th state water, meaning that it has a hexagonal crystalline-like structure that will have extreme health benefits if you drink it regularly. It is purely divine water with a very high frequency and divine energetic signature.” It is produced with a vortex crystal technology and they also offer a vortex crystal shower head. Do either of these products offer a genuine benefit to human health, apart from a placebo effect?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

The idea of water having different characteristics that can be special and life-promoting is quite true, and it is also true that the so-called 4th state water has special characteristics, but the technology being used will not produce this or have a particular benefit to human health or longevity. This is entirely a placebo effect when people feel captivated by drinking this water. The same can be said about the shower for its production—not only is the water not being transformed in the way described, the very idea that exposure of the surface of the body to such water would have transforming benefits when a negligible amount is actually absorbed through the skin because it is largely a water-repellent lipophilic layer designed to keep things out, shows that the claims are likely to be exaggerated and based on wishful thinking, so these devices can be disregarded.