DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlHow frequently are hate crime hoaxes orchestrated directly or indirectly by the Extraterrestrial Alliance? Is this an exact parallel with their orchestration of acts of random gun violence and terrorist crimes in collusion with the spirit meddlers influencing the perpetrators?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

These so-called hate hoaxes are truly staged in the majority of such instances. Most of the so‑called hate crimes are an exaggerated accounting of a slight or a grievance of some kind not truly based on race or other minority concerns, but simply friction between people that is misattributed to a discriminatory animus, but the true origin lies elsewhere. Once that animus is alleged and focused on, it blinds everyone to further scrutiny, and evenhanded examination and accounting of the underlying facts of what happened and their implications, and the true origins as best can be determined through human effort. There is often a knee-jerk assumption of guilt stemming from presumed hatreds held by those involved. This is a prescription for continuing the old divisions through a number of strategies. One everyone is highly sensitive to is the frequent occurrence of gun violence to target institutions or individuals by those who differ, and this creates the perception the world is filled with dangerous characters harboring old grudges.

The other side of the coin is to create a group of victims where there is no crime. These are like peas in a pod because it is the same basic process—the use of mind control to manipulate someone with leanings toward the behavior desired. So, in the same way they can find people who are prone to rash acts of violence to deal with their inner emotions, they can find people who feel victimized and can be induced to play the role, falsely even, and feel quite justified in doing so because their minds are altered to believe in their individual cause as a symbol of a problem they have embraced totally, and taken to heart, and will even sacrifice themselves in terms of their name, reputation, and even safety in the end, acting out the role of victim before the world. It is a similar level of reckless behavior with equally devastating consequences, at times, for their own future. Most hate crimes are an exaggeration and an assumption of prejudice on the part of the perpetrator which may or may not truly be the case. So the statistics are quite unreliable about this and are frequently manipulated to serve political aims. Most human behavior is not natural, it is all being manipulated heavily in many ways. This is no different and, in fact, more likely to be a manipulation than not when a so-called hate crime takes place.