DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA viewer writes: “I have been working with a hypnotist to help me clear dark entities and extraterrestrials. He may have achieved dialog with ETs. Is the dialog reliable and can I trust these ETs? Can anything positive come from this interaction?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Unfortunately, this person is being fooled and is more involved with them than he realizes and, in effect, is connecting people to such sources rather than effecting a separation. This is most unfortunate, but in answer to a direct inquiry, we must be forthright because of our karmic obligation. We understand your frustration and wanting to leave no stone unturned to get all the help possible to be free of the entanglements you suffer from, but we can assure you there are very, very few individuals who can do what your channel has accomplished and will continue to benefit you with, by launching the healing on your behalf, and what you are doing yourself to add to your healing personally. There are no real shortcuts here and you will be putting yourself at risk, in most cases, by reaching out to others who have much less knowledge and fewer safeguards, as well as lacking the ability to discern their status with respect to becoming corrupted and then being used as a tool of the darkness unwittingly.

It is most unfortunate, but it is the way of the world at present. There are very, very few would‑be lightworkers who are truly capable of helping other people. There has been too much disinformation for too long a period of time and too much promotion of approaches that have little value and no good understanding of what true healing needs exist, and the difficulties and often long-term proposition when embarking on a healing journey even using the best possible tools one can. You are not being misled here, it is the unvarnished truth and we have shared this with you before. We do not at all wish to be harsh as we fully understand and appreciate your frustration. It is understandable, but we simply want to help by reassuring you things will get better with time and to caution you to not take risks that will make things worse.