DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer writes: “I just learned that my nephew has been experiencing repeated déjà vu moments which appear very real to him and have been interfering with his state of consciousness and his ability to study in college. Is he being acted upon by dark spirits? Is he in the extraterrestrial MAP and starting to regain memories?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

He has not been in the MAP but he has been manipulated as is true of all human beings, some more gravely and in more serious ways than others with respect to the messages and their consequences, which are always a function of vulnerability and past karmic liabilities the person has accumulated over multiple lifetimes of such manipulation. What he is seeing is that there is an ongoing stirring up of past trauma. This is coming to his awareness by the external manipulators and being perceived as something that, at first, is a surprise because it is not the ongoing operation of the deep subconscious to go and review them. So for the memories to come on their own is unexpected and is seen, in a sense, as an external and separate experiencing of the events themselves in a way that déjà vu experiences carry the perception one has gone through the current event sometime before. So this is an interesting conjunction of phenomena and is a consequence of manipulation by the interlopers.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the best solution and defense against ongoing manipulation of this sort. It is important to have work ongoing for him, which the Protocol will do on a regular basis, as this will be needed to stay ahead of their manipulations and keep things to a minimum, in terms of what trouble can be stirred up within him to get in his way and impair his performance, and potentially cause aberrant and destructive behaviors. That is always the intention, to sabotage the person’s life. So it is a beautiful thing that he is in a position to gain from having healing done on his behalf. It can make all the difference here. Every time you do a session it will add strength to the ongoing work, so active repeated sessions launched on his behalf will pay off, because it is a numbers game in the sense of having enough positive healing energy directed at his issues to countermand the strength of the opposition working against him. This you can see to just with the normal Protocol as it addresses these kinds of situations perfectly with regard to all the types of influences and energies being invoked.