DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA viewer writes, “I thought you would find this writing interesting by Tom Montalk: ‘Interesting thing to ponder: what’s stronger, military might or divine power? The obvious answer is divine power. But then you look at history: 1) 10-20 million Christians killed by the Soviets; 2) 1000s of Christians killed by ISIS in the Middle East this past decade alone; 3) 100s of thousands of Christian children during the Crusades headed to Jerusalem only to be killed or sold into slavery on their way; 4) Always that good Christian family in the news who lost everything in a storm or earthquake or flood. You would think, based on this, that God clearly favors communists and Muslims and natural disasters. Besides, why should divinity favor Christians? What about all the other religions? But millions of communists, Muslims, and Jews have died as well over the centuries. Is there any class of people that’s consistently protected by the divine against military might? You could go back to the Old Testament and the Israelites and what was done for them, which if true, brings up the question of why back then and not since? Yet there’s no doubt that tyrannies and armies have risen and fallen and, in the end, spirituality and religion has endured. So spirit has the last laugh, but was it a Pyrrhic victory considering the millions lost? Or do we place too much value on life and comfort, and death, torture, and slavery isn’t that big of a deal in the eyes of eternity? There are also countless anecdotes of individuals and small groups of people being saved by supernatural intervention. Mysterious strangers helping them only to disappear without a trace, or voices telling them where to seek shelter, or the very laws of physics being bent to keep them from dying. And we have key people being guided by supernatural influences to exert their position/authority to help many other people. So certain individuals matter at certain times enough to get major intervention. But what’s missing is collective, massive, open divine intervention against military physical force, especially in the last 1000 years, let alone modern times. That hasn’t happened to my knowledge, unless it’s been covered up. And because of that, the USSR could kill up to 20 million Christians because it had the military might to do so, and because, for whatever reason, divine power doesn’t prevent collective events.'” His first question is: “Is divinity unable to [prevent collective events]? Then it’s not omnipotent.” What is Creator’s Perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This discussion is based on a false premise, that one must be true and the other false, that one is more powerful and the other less so. The light always outweighs the darkness, the question is, "When and where it can employ its power?" These questions are being done in ignorance of the true makeup of the Divine Human Free Will Experiment and its long history, in the contest between good and evil, that is playing out on your home turf as we speak. There are rules of engagement in place because you, as human beings, are tasked with solving the problem of evil and healing the evildoers sufficiently to end this problem. Having created you and turned you loose with that charter, our role is to stand aside and let you do your job. If we jump in to save you at every turn, you will have no role to play, and thus no power to influence anything in a real sense, and will be but an observer incidental to the workings of your world. Each and every time you see the absence of a divine hand to bring about a rescue that would require a mighty force, as to counter a genocidal campaign or a military conquest, the true issue is that these are all human problems needing a solution so it is not up to the divine realm to save the day, even though we could, but that would short-circuit the plan underway to put a wider free agency and free will, and all that represents in widening the expansion of things, to the test. Can it be allowed with a successful flourishing that leads to greater good and the cause of love, the fundamental basis of everything in the universe, or will it become corrupted by selfish perspectives and desires, and lead to a darkening of things with suffering and destruction? That is what is ongoing, and the jury is still out on the final outcome, but it will be up to you, as human beings, to save the day. You will need divine help, so we can help you with that advice and we can even come in to support you in various ways, but you must ask us and there are a set of established criteria in how to go about doing that in order to be effective. So the whole premise of this discussion and series of questions is that human and the divine are separate, each with perhaps separate agendas and separate levels of power, and they seem to stay on their own side of the fence with precious little interplay, at least on a large scale, and that is the complaint. What we would like to do is illuminate the discussion here with the insight that it is the precise purpose of the exercise to create conditions where you, as human beings, become awakened to the reality you are under siege, in an unfair contest, and desperately need divine assistance but must learn how to get it. That is part of the challenge for you because we cannot hand that to you, you must earn it through your own creativity and initiative to seek the answers and explore, through trial and error, based on the wisdom of the past that has provided many, many clues and demonstrations, as taught by religion, for interacting with the divine. That has given mixed results, but that is what your channel is providing here and now, as part of his mission, which is to shed light on these issues and bring forth the tools long needed to fill in the gaps you complain about with your questions.