DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessA viewer writes: “Last night I dreamed that I saw a young girl at a family gathering. She was skinny and had alabaster skin with freckles. I saw her fall and cut her leg open on a piece of metal. I watched the metal penetrate her skin (up close). I was zooming in from 1st person to 3rd person throughout the dream. I saw blood. I ran over to her and carefully bandaged her up, then picked her up in my arms to take her to her home. I couldn’t find anyone who was responsible for her, which was upsetting. I stayed with her and held her in my arms until I woke up. After I woke up, I realized I was with my mother. She was the child, but I was an adult. No names were mentioned. It’s the feeling that told me who she was. I called my mom on the phone just now to ask her if any of this sounded familiar. She said, “Yes, yes!” When she was 7 years old, while she was playing with her cousins, she cut her leg open on a metal door. It bled profusely. Her aunt came and picked her up and took her home. That’s all she remembers.” Why did she have this dream that so resembles an event happening to her mother and her aunt, when her mother was still a child?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

As you have seen intuitively from this description, she was connecting in the dream state with her deep subconscious in the process of reviewing the akashic records, and inserting those observations into an unfolding dream that was perceived by the upper subconscious mind and remembered by the conscious self, as is her practice, to maintain a lucid dreaming state of consciousness that facilitates conscious awareness and remembrance, and ability to even intercede and alter dream events. So she was seeing and identifying with the role of caregiver here because her deep subconscious knew it was her mother and was understandably concerned about her plight, and her heart reached out to that young girl, and so when the aunt was seen to come and nurture the child, she identified with that role and through her ability to insert her current being into the action, put herself in the role of rescuer, within her perception at least.

Keep in mind, she was reacting to the observation of the akashic record and dreaming about it, so that made it subject to alteration through a subsequent influence of some kind coming to bear. So she was, in a sense, to some degree, rewriting history to make her a participant directly when she was reviewing the akashic records of others in her family. So this is a real-life example, through an unusual ability to see this process in action, of how humans routinely are reviewing the akashic records frequently during the day and at night as well, and usually with no conscious awareness but quite often feeling strong emotions about what is being reviewed, and the perspective of the deep subconscious watching what, many times, is a kind of horror show because many of the key events on record are traumatic.