DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaShe asks: “What about the small lump next to my eye (under my eyelid)?” What can we tell her about the origin and future prospects for healing?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This as well is a karmic remnant; it is a kind of cellular memory, as is true of your other condition, that is adding difficulty to the benefits you would like to have. These things take time to undo if that is in the cards at all. Some things people wish to heal cannot be done during the remaining course of their life as there simply is not time enough to take care of all of the underpinnings from the many, many circumstances and complex energetics of all that has happened in interacting with so many different individuals in different times and places through multiple lifetimes. So we are saying that even what seems to be a small thing can be difficult to restore, it is just the nature of things that some are simple and straightforward to correct and others can be quite long in coming to see a change.

So again, we will be working on this and it is essentially a byproduct of a series of circumstances, and those will be on the list of things to work through as has been going on previously because of prior work you have received. It could be beneficial as well to do sessions of deep subconscious channeling with trauma resolution that can be arranged through GetWisdom, and this will help with some of the inner blocks to healing the cellular memory components and any negative beliefs of your own that interfere with the ongoing healing work.