DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsAccording to a psychic sharing her experiences with elves, she reports an elf telling her “The basis of your reality is the world of nature. We all come from the world of nature. Lose that direct connection and ye will lose the whole reality because ye’ve lost yer base. Humans are at the top of nature’s heap. Ye humans need everything that’s in the heap under ye to support yer form of life. But nothing in the heap needs that human at the top. Ye humans are the most expendable of all – yet ye all think ye’re indispensable!” Was this an accurate exchange and what is Creator’s perspective of what was said?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This was an accurate psychic communication. It is not the divine perspective of the balance of life and the order of things that is most desired, it is simply an example of a being expressing its frustration with all it sees being done by humans that creates destruction, discord, and disarray in the environment with many forms of negativity energetically introduced by negative human thoughts, as well as the heavy footprint of humanity on nature and its many delicate ecosystems. It is metaphysically accurate in saying that “humans need everything in Gaia more than Gaia needs the human.” In a sense, that is sour grapes by the elf in question, somewhat chagrin at the central position of humanity in the scheme of things by virtue of their numbers and reach energetically despite their highly unnatural habits and behavior. But even the elf sees intuitively that humans are on the top of the heap for a reason, and that is absolutely the case, that humans were created to be that special cohort, in effect, in charge of the world with the hope and expectation humans would use natural resources with care and respect, but understanding there are many uncertainties because of the presence of evil in your midst.

Because humans were created to solve the problem of evil, it is a given that humans will be heavily embroiled with evil in many varied forms and will in actuality attract it, and have done so. This as well is a major bone of contention for the elementals who see much of what humanity does and gets involved with as hurting them and their cherished environment. This is unavoidable because humans need to be in the fray, out and about, and have high priorities for pushing back against evil—it is a matter of the greatest urgency. Learning to live in a better balance with nature is a nicety that will continue to develop over time but cannot be the sole focus and highest priority, as with saving the environment as a goal of the environmentalists, because that is a diversion from your true duties and it could hold you back enough to cause you to fail your mission in healing the darkness.