DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsIt seems clear that the ability to see and hear elves is tied to our intuitive faculties, which have been greatly compromised by the interlopers (dark spirits and extraterrestrials). Given that Creator earlier shared that only 1 in 50,000 people have “profound” psychic abilities, are we therefore almost wholly dependent on these few people for modern information and two-way communication and interaction with these beings?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Unfortunately, this is very much the case. “Out of sight is out of mind” for most people and the conventional wisdom shared by those in the mainstream are dubious about all supernatural phenomena. This is a product of mind control manipulation that is steady and unwavering and ever intruding with any new growth and awareness, including any credible interactions or perceptions about such beings on the part of those who do have profound psychic ability. They will simply not be believed by most others with the end result that the average person, through their programming, feels completely comfortable to dismiss such firsthand accounts out of hand. Regardless of the psychic’s reputation and what they might feel themselves, in hearing the stories, is someone who is genuine and in earnest, those witnesses, because of their programmed status, simply cannot believe what they are told by witnesses of the paranormal—it will simply not compute. So they will come up with some kind of rationale for their dismissiveness, that makes sense to them at least, and this is widely shared with others and will pop up again and again and again because people will have heard it before, and will embrace those explanations to give themselves self-reassurance they are justified in ignoring the witness before them.

This is the uphill battle experienced by all people of faith who are psychic and see intuitively the reality of the divine and its messengers, and who might also see the elementals out and about involved with things and pick up impressions about their agenda. It is true as well of the many “conspiracy theorists” who themselves are highly intuitive and is the reason they will embrace an unconventional notion to begin with and can’t let go—a deep inner part of them is sensing intuitively that there is a real but bizarre phenomenon taking place and their native curiosity will eat at them and cause them to keep pursuing the matter even as everyone around them dismisses what they have to say. They are more genuine than the average person; they are seeing the truth because they are uncorrupted, whereas the mainstream individuals are heavily corrupted and heavily constrained. This is characteristic of the upside-down world you live in.