DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsAmong psychic mediums who do readings of people’s departed loved ones to convey messages to the living, what percentage are receiving true channeled messages, intuitive “knowings” of the spirit’s current thoughts, or simply tuning into the akashic records and surmising what the loved ones were like so they can describe key characteristics of the person and something about interpersonal and family dynamics?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

True channeling is rare among psychic mediums. Most are tuning into the akashic records and, in the bargain, may get an intuitive impression from an outreach by a spirit being in the light. Occasionally, psychic mediums may tune into the spirit of a departed person that is struggling in between planes, and then may have a confused picture and have to sort out their impressions based on what they may have been told about the person and their life circumstances and their passing, for example. So if they are a struggling lost soul earthbound spirit, the psychic might interpret that as having to do with their manner of death, their state of mind at the time of their passing, and are simply commenting on that for the record, not that it is a continued struggle because they are a lost soul at the moment, and this is being discerned symbolically through an intuitive scanning but being misunderstood and is actually a quite serious dilemma needing attention.

Most psychics are getting intuitive impressions only, and mostly are constructing a profile of material from the akashic records to get a sense of what the person is like, and then will interpret their impressions, in the form of a message to the sitter wanting an intuitive guidance, to receive any kind of personal message. As you know, light beings have many restrictions on what they can do or say among the living they leave behind, and that is why communications are generally fairly non-specific and mostly along the lines of well‑wishing and expressions of love and caring, so the loved ones of a departed soul knows they are remembered and still cared about, and that the person who has passed on is doing well and wishing them well, in turn, but not much beyond that because it becomes a demonstration of proof of the reality of the afterlife which they are not officially allowed to do. So a psychic reaching out unilaterally with their own consciousness, and intuiting information about someone’s continued existence as a spirit, can reveal their intuitive impressions without compunction. That will not be interfered with or stopped by the divine realm, and such mediums might give quite impressive performances and outshine someone who is truly channeling the actual soul-level spirit of a departed human being that is being constrained by the rules of engagement for divine beings.