DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerAnother question about coding prayer requests: “I combined all the Mega Prayers we have to this point into one, with just one ending, like they all have. I use that code word while doing Protocol sessions after every ‘Thank you. Show me now.’ I feel I am for sure in the right space at that time and this adds not that much time to my Protocol (which I always speak out loud, as I feel this way, I am more engaged and stay on track). So I use one code word only, as my form is just one combined prayer.” Will this approach be effective?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This will work quite nicely because it is a heartfelt moment and a heartfelt desire to have the extra work added in. It will not matter greatly because the code word will launch into action the original intention underlying the session when you added the code word, not the current moment as you are working through the Protocol and saying the code word in this fashion. So the code word is not key in terms of intention added to the work as much as the original intention applied to statement of the objectives and requests for which the code word is assigned—that is what will be called up and enacted. If stating the code word at many times during the Protocol serves as a helpful reminder that the prayers are useful, there is no harm in interjecting that code word at all of those points to replicate the request. This is perfectly acceptable. You can say a prayer as many times as you like—it will always be heard and there will always be a response. This is perfectly fine to do and will, in fact, add and compound the energy behind its creation so it is multiplied accordingly and will be an effective strategy to empower things.