DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerAnother question about coding prayer requests: “Do we need the same level of intention each time we utter the code word, saying it like a prayer, or if we can do it without so much intention, like saying a mantra while washing the dishes, for example (to be on the safe side, I read the whole prayer to get a feeling for it, then set a timer for a minute and repeat the code word with full attention like a prayer for a concentrated, short limited time).” Is this an acceptable and effective practice?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is perfectly fine, and the imparting of intention is always good because that can be added in, even at the code word level. The primary step that will happen following the statement of the code word will be the divine realm will reference the original requests, the original statement of the prayer or the Protocol in total, and build from its intention with all that follows. So it is most important to create a strong intention behind what you give the code word to in terms of declaring what you want to have divine realm do. Once that is completed and the code word assigned, that is what the divine realm will work from each and every time, so that is why we pointed out earlier that it will be exactly duplicated. So if people change and grow over time, that will not be reflected in the work that is done as a result of using the code word for the prayer involved or the Mega Prayer, it will always go back to that frozen moment when first created and coded.