DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersAre members of the clergy more vigorously targeted by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to interfere with them, and is that done via spirit meddler attachments primarily, or direct subconscious programming?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is quite true. All individuals in a position of leadership that bring people together to work on issues and problems for human betterment are scrutinized and are given personal attention to compromise them in every way possible. The interlopers do not recognize the power of the Almighty, but they know humans have powers they can bring to bear when they come together and join together to request things in unison and put their minds to it, so to speak, as in prayer, for example, and things may well happen to cause a change in a situation. This is attributed by the interlopers as some power of human thought to interrupt their plans, not as a divine intervention from some outside agency but nonetheless, they discourage all cooperative ventures where humans can leverage their numbers by coming together for a common cause.

With clergy, they do this by both means of manipulation. To target them with spirit attacks is the most frequent strategy because that can be quite effective to eventually drag the person down and corrupt them in some way that can cause their disgrace or diminishment of effectiveness in their work. There is always programming going on that can be targeted with more specificity for those higher value targets than the general public. If such an individual has a particularly effective reach, they will be given extra further attention to undermine them.