DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersWhy is my client still sensing a lot of “activity” in her residence after we did a Protocol session to clear it?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is simply owing to the great sensitivity she enjoys and her exquisite sensing capability to detect the presence of any intrusive consciousness, especially after the onslaught of intruders she has been experiencing in proximity to her, her system is now more than ever on high alert. What she is perceiving is the fact there are intruders, on occasion, that will come through scouting for potential victims. Unfortunately, this is part of the normal environment—spirits are out and about everywhere. It is the unfortunate few who have a very strong intuitive reach that is on duty at all times, as they will be able to detect when something comes through and sizes them up, and may react strongly to this at the level of the deep subconscious, giving rise to strong negative emotions in addition to floating up an awareness to the conscious self that something unwanted is nearby.

After being in a state of siege, it is naturally unsettling to have this happen still, but it does not represent a threat per se other than the fact that these are dark energies that have no place. They can be excluded to some degree, but there is still an occasional wanderer who finds their way into the living space. This will not be a danger, so it is not countered. What is countered is intrusion within your client’s energy. That is being maintained nicely as a consequence of the Lightworker Healing Protocol and its tools of protection for both occupants of this location.

So this is no different than walking down the street where other people are present. If they may have a scary appearance and upset the sensibilities, that is a cost of living that one will see and hear things that might be unpleasant, but the divine realm will not clear all other beings from one’s path simply to avoid someone sensing something unfavorable in their midst. So this is not something that need be a cause of worry, it is simply that other energies exist and there will be a crossing of paths, so to speak, from time to time that need not be cause for alarm.

This is a problem faced by many highly intuitive individuals, particularly those who are empathic who operate by always sending out their consciousness to sample the energy of things around them. That is an invitation to bring things too close to the self and even internalize them before one knows what has happened. So this is a situation that is within the normal range of things for someone who is intuitive and simply must be tolerated by learning to live with it, knowing you are safe, that you can stand strong, and is simply a reminder the world is not yet perfect and there is work to do.