DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsAre the akashic records generated automatically within each time domain and remain there permanently so they can be revisited?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
This is an accurate representation of existence, that there is an integral relationship between the akashic records and the time domain of which they are a part, and that will never change, where one goes the other goes as well. It is no different than light from the sun that is comprised of many individual wavelengths of photon energy including all the colors of the visible spectrum and many electromagnetic energies of higher and lower vibration. They travel together, as a composite, unless something happens to make a change. That can be done to light easily, simply by interposing a surface with a certain composition that will reflect light differentially to appear to have a color, while other wavelengths are absorbed. So the akashic records are ever-present but are modifiable, with respect to their specific energetic composition, and that is what allows the compounding of tragedies or their healing to take place. In effect, the akashic records accompany each timeline to record all that happens by whatever is present, so a looping of time, from the future back into the past, will bring with it the akashic records of future events and will be a factor and influence on any interplay that happens with an intersection of the loops of time and their respective domains. So in the sense that time domains are omnipresent, the akashic records are omnipresent.