DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsWhen time is flowing backwards and forwards, what is it that is flowing and what is it flowing within?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
In a sense, everything is interconnected, so an individual in an incarnated physical form is within a time domain that seems to be moving in only one direction, from their past towards their future and experienced in the present, but that is an illusion. Their energy is a part of a construct linked to time, but because time is flowing in more than one direction there is a parallel energy that can allow going back through time or being projected more rapidly into a potential future. The simplest analogy we can make of this is to think of a highway supporting traffic in two directions at once, so what one is experiencing depends on which lane they inhabit. Normally, they are independent and do not interact at all. In reality, that representation, while in three dimensions, is actually multidimensional because there are multiple time domains that interconnect, and that greatly extends the complexity and intricacy of the possibilities for things changing on the fly through distant influences that converge. These may not be perceived in the moment but nonetheless may have a huge impact on events even though sight unseen. This is a quite dynamic interchange and interplay, and this is why a feedback loop from another time domain can become not only important but a definitive influence in determining an outcome elsewhere. It is a function of how much energy is put into the intention for something to happen and that, of course, in turn, is influenced by many, many factors such as level of belief and the inner wherewithal to mount a powerful desire for change, and so on.