DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsAre the Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak, being Reptilians living in a future extension of our current world, facing an uncertain future if humanity fails to solve the problem of evil?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

It is truly the case that the Pleiadians being channeled by Barbara Marciniak are living in the future extension of the Reptilian realm as linear descendants and as such are influenced by everything happening in your world because the Reptilians interact with you. They are involved in many worlds throughout the Milky Way Galaxy but yours is the most critical to their future because you are here to heal their culture and thereby make the future extension coalesce in response to the healing underway that can forestall the alien annihilation of humanity. That potential is what allows them to continue existing in the future extension. It is a higher vibrational state, not because the beings there are more lofty and therefore more trustworthy and a source of potential rescue, and so on. They are higher vibrational because it is simply in a higher vibrational dimension, being a future extension of the physical plane and its doings, so this gives rise to many false interpretations by those who are channeling the so-called “benevolent extraterrestrials.” The few sources of genuine beings are a mix of things; some are future timeline representatives of beings within the galaxy, others are outside the galaxy and may well be more lofty because they are uncorrupted. Most channelers of such beings, as you know, are not truly doing so but are being deceived largely by Anunnaki psychics pretending to be other star beings and lineages, professing to be here to help but are really duping the channeler and their followers.

The consequence of all this is that the very future existence of those Pleiadian sources will depend greatly on what happens in the next few years with respect to the planned annihilation. Their future will end and their world collapse if you go down, by failing to do enough healing of the interlopers to save yourselves. If they can be healed enough to persuade them to withdraw then humanity can continue to heal sufficiently to allow an ascension, and then the work will continue but from a higher plane of existence. That is what the current Pleiadians being channeled are a part of in the future, but all future timelines, as future extensions, are indeterminate, highly labile, and can be undone if something drastic happens in the current timeline that effectively cancels the possibility of their existence.

This, indeed, is why the channeling is allowed and taking place, to give them a voice in things and to act as a warning for humanity. They are still constrained from giving you direct instructions because they are not human and the burden is on humanity. So hints can be made but only within divine constraints. They are not allowed to interfere greatly, solely to serve their own best interests, but will definitely benefit from the success of the Divine Human Free Will Project.